Approved Re-use Centres and Networks – Principles



Organisation / AutorInnen

The Reuse and Recycling EU Social Enterprises network (RREUSE)
Michal Len


Despite the significant amounts of re-usable products and materials entering the waste stream, there is a lack of legislative support for the establishment and development of (accredited) re-use centres and networks active in preparation for re-use. This document aims to help inform policy makers about the general principles such actors should abide by, in order to help promote a stronger policy framework for the sector such as the setting of re-use targets and improved access for approved re-use centres and networks to the waste handled by operators of waste collection schemes, centres and facilities. Note that the word ‘accredited’, has been substituted by ‘approved’ because the former, when translated into different languages, has connotations to mandatory certification by an accredited body or institute that need not be the case. These principles have been written from the perspective of RREUSE members who are social enterprise networks active in re-use and preparing for re-use and carry considerable expertise in the sector. As such it takes into account, as much as possible, the differing state of the preparation for re-use sector across Europe. This labour intensive field provides an ideal framework for job provision and training opportunities especially for those distanced from the labour market whilst at the same time providing environmental benefits through more re-use of products and materials.

Keywords: re-use centre, network, framework, job provision, training opportunity,  re-use of products and materials, re-usable, training, integration, qualification, handling of used goods, waste regulations, sorting, testing, dismantling, waste treatment, preparation for re-use activities, waste management authorities, job creation, employment, labour market, long term unemployed, social economy.


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