FAQs: re-use of building components

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BauKarussell / pulswerk GmbH, Romm ZT, RepaNet
Im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie.


Recovery-oriented demolition is mandatory in Austria as a standard demolition method via the Recycling Building Materials Ordinance and the related standard ON 3151. It supports EU-wide and national efforts in several strategic papers. But in discussions with various stakeholders in the context of their work on BauKarussell and re-use, the authors repeatedly encounter major gaps in their knowledge of the legal requirements, the opportunities and potentials, and the resulting changes in planning and implementation.

In the course of setting up and developing Social Urban Mining and BauKarussell, the authors were asked in countless conversations with stakeholders the same open questions relevant to the implementation of (preparation for) re-use of building components.

The publication is listing FAQs which combine these project experiences with the interview results among Austrian stakeholders in the deconstruction sector. In the synopsis, a comprehensive picture of the challenges that arise in the re-use of building components emerges. At the same time, the authors point out options for action that stakeholders can take directly in project developments (project-oriented) and/or in the general strengthening of the reception of re-use in the system of demolition and new construction (system-oriented).
The FAQs are intended to provide project managers with advice for their own project development. The solution approaches of others serve as guidelines in the decision-making process for their own tasks.

The English version is focussing on the relevant FAQs. The full version (German) further includes the interview guide and the detailed analysis of the interviews, the presentation of possibilities for implementation based on previous experiences, good practice examples and study results as well as further references and a comprehensive bibliography.


BauKarussell, recycling, re-use, re-use sector, Social Urban Mining, Urban Mining,construction sector, deconstruction, recovery-oriented demolition, Waste


FAQs: re-use of building components (English)

RepaThek: FAQs zum Re-Use von Gebäudekomponenten (full version & short version German)

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